Tamara Ellis Smith - children's writer - author of Another Kind of Hurricane

I am happy to facilitate workshops at your school or summer camp, give a reading at your venue, and I’d love to speak on a panel or give a presentation at your conference!

presentations by Tamara Ellis Smith children's author
I love speaking with kids about stories. I am available to give workshops on the process of writing a novel or picture book, the life of a writer, perseverance in the pursuit of your passion, or the subject matter in my books. I can speak intimately with a class, or in a larger assembly setting. I try to make my workshops Common-Core friendly, as well as tailored to the specific grade level. I try to make my workshops fun and inspiring, creative and interactive too!

birdA full day’s visit includes up to four programs of approximately 60 minutes each. Sponsor’s expenses include honorarium, transportation, lodging and meals. Neighboring schools can arrange to share a day and split the cost. I am happy and grateful to sign and personalize books before or after workshops.

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presentations by Tamara Ellis Smith children's author
I love speaking with everyone about stories! I am also available for library or bookstore events or conferences, where I am happy to read, present or participate on a panel.

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presentations by Tamara Ellis Smith children's author
And even if its not quite as good as the real thing, I love speaking about stories via Skype too! I am happy to do a free, 15-minute Q&A session, or if you’d prefer a 30- to 45-minute reading and presentation, I can arrange that for a small fee.

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