Here and There

A young boy, Ivan, experiences the early stages of his parents’ separation and finds hope in the beauty and music of nature. This tale of personal growth will provide a much-needed mirror for children in times of change — and an important reminder for all that there’s beauty everywhere you look.

HERE AND THERE has been chosen as an official Action Book Club selection!

The Action Book Club, a free program of the Little Free Library nonprofit, combines reading with social engagement. In a twist on the traditional book club, the Action Book Club invites participants to read books, engage in discussion, then take part in meaningful group projects to benefit their communities. Think of it as "good reads and good deeds." When people share their actions (and we share them with our global audience) they help create a ripple effect of positive activity.

The theme of this group of books is WE ARE FAMILY, which celebrates families of all kinds and how they shape us. Find out how to create your own book club and let me know about it!

HERE AND THERE is featured in one of the kits created by the amazing Healing Library!

The Healing Library

These kits are designed to make a family's journey of healing following a trauma easier to navigate and personalize. Designed with the intention of being lent out by libraries, these kits are available for free to download and assemble yourself. Each kit consists of the following:

A Discussion Guide, Activities Guide, Acts of Kindness Guide, Community Helpers Guide, Book Discussion Guide, and a How to Use This Kit Guide

Find out more about the Healing Library and how to assemble your own kit and let me know about it!

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“Needed everywhere.”
- Kirkus Reviews

"Tamara Ellis Smith does more than tell a lovely, lyrical story — she serves as empathic witness to the love and complexity inherent in growing up in more than one household. It's a work of art but also an act of generosity."
Liz Garton Scanlon, author of Caldecott-honored picture book All The World

"Tamara Ellis Smith puts her finger directly on the joy and the ache that Ivan's two-home life evokes, with beautiful imagery and an authorial heart that knows a thing or two about childhood longing."
—Audrey Vernick, award-winning children's author of Brothers at Bat

"A sweet and gentle book on understanding and coping with divorce."
—Andrew King, bookseller, University Book Store, WA

“A valuable resource to educators or parents of a child who is experiencing a family change.”
—Sarah Overaag, Lincoln Elementary School, SD

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