Last week I Skyped with Jade Gardner’s grade 4 class at the Mont’Kiara International School in Malaysia! What an amazing group of kids! Their energy was so open and so enormous I felt it all the way on the other side of the world!

They asked sharp questions (“Why did you choose a marble as Henry’s special object?” and “Would Henry and Zavion ever have met if the marbles wasn’t in the pocket of those jeans?”)

And speaking of jeans! A parent of one of the kids made denim pockets for everyone–and they filled them with marbles! And if that isn’t insanely cool enough, they then did a yoga class with the pockets and marbles, inspired by Another Kind of Hurricane.

I want to be invited the next time!

A humble thank you and gratitude to you, Jade, for bringing me into your classroom space. And what a world it is. Your passions for literature, learning, and listening are so strong. You and your class are the hope of the world.

ANOTHER KIND OF HURRICANE travels to Malaysia!

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