It’s been a while since I posted here, oh boy. Lots going on, but that’s not new. A balancing act, but that’s not new either. Kids, summer schedule, work-in-progress, school schedule, job work, house work, also not new.

Ah. THIS is new. For me anyway. But it’s been crackling and popping in Baton Rouge for the last 12 years, an event free to the public, jam-packed with writers and books and words and readers—and the alchemy that happens when they all come together! I am deeply honored to be a part of it this year. Come find me if you happen to be in Louisiana on October 29. Or heck, why not road trip down there?

I’ll be reading from ANOTHER KIND OF HURRICANE, and speaking about Hurricane Katrina, Tropical Storm Irene, and finding connections, making friends, building bridges.

And in the days before the festival, I’ll be visiting a few schools in Baton Rouge, some that were hit hard when the rains fell and the water rose back in August. Many of them lost shelves of books, some lost entire school libraries, a few of the schools had to be evacuated entirely. (Stay tuned. I am participating in a Book Drive for these schools at Phoenix Books in Burlington, VT on November 3, 2016. More on that in a later blog post.)

For now, I am glad to be back here on my blog. This feels new too.

The Louisiana Book Festival